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  1. after
  2. Before:faded and marked
    Before:faded and marked
  3. faded,stained/damaged
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  6. Before:faded and marks
    Before:faded and marks

Photo restoration is a major part of the capabilities of modern photo editing.​ Photo restoration services are much sought after. To restore old photos to a modern day quality, is a real specialist area; and at Neilson and Son, we have  the experience and the know how to provide an unrivalled photo restoration service. We can  enhance old photos and restore old photos to their former glory - and in many cases, a better state than the original.​​
There are many 'free' apps and websites that promise to restore old  photos,  but they really cannot match the result that a professional photo restoration  service can offer. Photo restoration is definately best left to the professionals. It is a simple process for you the customer.
You can either scan the original and send it to us, or if you would prefer, you can send the old photo to us and we  can do it all for you. Once the old photo has been scanned, it is then 'digital' and directly editable.  Once in this state, Neilson and Son can do almost anything to restore your old  photo. Our photo restoration service enables us to clean up stains, scratches, rips, tears and any amount of other imperfections you can think of. We can  enhance your old photo, changing the colour, the tone, exosure, contrast and  completely changing your old image to look stunning.
Photo restoration, is more of an art form  than a simle process. The best photo restoration is performed by those with vast experience in this field and those that really do enjoy working in this field. I can say, that photo restoration,  is probably the most rewarding and interesting fields in the photo editing world. Almost all old photos can be restored. Of course the finished quality can be determined by the original state. To enhance an old photo that has been severley compromised, may also take a lot longer to restore. Time can be a major factor with photo restoration. It really comes down to how valuable and precious your old photo is, and how much you are willing to pay. Our photo restoration service involves a detailed evaluaition of the image to be restored. We can then let you know exactly how long, and how much the process will take/cost. Another option for the customer, is for us to print the finished image off for them. This would of course mean an extra cost. All of these options will be discussed with you, and as always, it is a no obligation quote. However, this is a field where, depending on the costs involved and the length of time, we may ask for a deposit in advance. If you have any questions or need some help, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will help/advise any way we can. Please have a look at a few of our examples to see what we could do for you.

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