Background removal, clipping path

Changing The background
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Neilson and Son offer a great background removal service!
It is a regular request for changing the photo background to something better more 'easy'on the eye.  It is so easy for a background to ruin an image, and changing the image background is a solution to this problem, when cloning or editing the background is not possible. We can change the photo background by tracing around the subject- part of the image to remain, and simply 'masking' the background out.
This can also be referred to as clipping path as well. Effectively, clipping path removes around the subject, and enables a transparrant background, meaning it is possible to place any background behind the subject. Clipping path is just like cutting out the person from a photograph with a pair of scissors. You would  simply change the photo background by placing the cut out onto whatever other photo you desired. Clipping path is simply  the digital form of this. It will be determined by us, whether editing  or retouching the background is a viable option or not, when we evaluate your image.
Every image is different, but whether it's changing the photo background through clipping path or re-touching and editing, rest assured, Neilson & Son can achieve a
high quality photo edit, that will leave you happy and with a great,treasured photo.