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Neilson and son are a family run company based in London in the UK.  We offer services from digital  retouching and photo restoration services  to  newborn baby editing and   bespoke card & poster design and print. Our customer satisfaction speaks for itself,  please feel free to visit the links below to trustpilot and our google review page, for some of our reviews.  Below are a few examples of some before & after images that we have done.
  1. before :problem skin
    before :problem skin
  2. after airbrushing
    after airbrushing
  3. Before:group wedding with guests
    Before:group wedding with guests
  4. After:guest removal
    After:guest removal
Edit those imperfections.  We effectively paint over your flaws and cover them up.
Like make up orjust removing with a magic eraser. Digital retouching,  includes ;from
basic spot removal,teeth whitening & smile corrections to more in depth face or body slimming or manipulation.  click  the link above to see more examples of our work and what we could achieve for you. Our digital retouching  will have you looking
your absolute best, for that proud photo.

 Remove unwanted people or objects from your images and pics. Just like taking out the scissors and cutting out the unwanted bits, our photo retouching services can create that perfect image for you.
We have all been there, after taking those snaps,wishing the background could be changed. Just  simply  colouring the sky and changing the light, can have a huge impact & make a big difference.who doesnt like that? Try our photo retouching services 
Restore your old cherished memories.
Indeed, many times after photo restoration the image is much better than it ever was.
Repair rips and scratches, enhance and clean up. You can even colourise  old b&w photos. This can all be achieved even if you only have the negatives. We can scan your old negatives to disc and modernise your golden memories. Neilson & Son are
experts in photo restoration, our photo restoration services are available now.

So just why should you let Neilson and son edit yourimages?

Of course we can tell you how good we are, but what other reasons are there for compelling you to use us? After all there are plenty of other web sites and companies, offering photo retouching services and photo restoration services. So let us persuade you! We think that we can.. about us

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Image re-touching

Object & background

Photo restoration services



At Neilson and son,  we understand that a customer is a little weary of handing over money to a company they have not used before and do not know. We also understand that you will be unsure of the finished quality that we will produce for you.We know that satisfacion will be assured, and that you will happily pay once you have seen your finished photo edit. Our process is simple. We undertake your photo retouching, and provide a watermarked image - with the company name and logo visible,for you to see exactly what your finished image looks like. Once you are happy, you provide payment and we send you your
finished image without the watermark. So with us, you have nothing to lose and no reason to doubt us.There is no risk.
As a small company, we can offer you a real personal touch. You are not just another number on our invoice list. We value your service, and will happily spend time getting  your package just right, and giving you exactly what you want.We will edit your image/images until your are totally  satisfied with our photo retouching service.

We are also prompt in our services. We will give you a time frame if we cannot produce your work within 48 hours- which we try to do; but is not always possible with a very time consuming edit or during busy periods. We always try to help and provide solutions.


Be it professional photographers or just the person who wants a nice photo as a momento to keep.
We understand that  while it's great to have a nice souvenier holiday photo on the wall, you dont want to be paying ridiculous money for the privilige. We keep this in mind, and our photo retouching services and photo restoration services are very reasonably priced. Digital retouching is not an exact science,in that every job is different, and it is almost impossible to give a price before seeing the image in question that requires editing. However,we could offer you a retouch,or more in depth edit from as little as £5.
Obviously photo restoration and high end retouching can be more in depth and more costly. That is why we always ask for the image to view,  and give a full evaluation before providing you with an accurate quote.




Bespoke design for special occasions
Children's party coming up? why not get bespoke invites?
At reasonable prices and on high quality paper. We can
design it, print it and send it to you!